Vietnam Server always respect the privacy of our customers and is committed to protecting customer’s information within the meaning of information security policy.

1. Customer Information

Customer information including name, email address, phone number, contacts and other personal information provided proactively by customers or Vietnam Server collected by other valid methods.

Customer information does not include data on the website and other services are being used or stored on the server of Vietnam Server.

2. Customer data

Customer data includes website source code, databases, service configuration and other data provided by clients, self-managed and stored on the servers of Vietnam Server service provider.

3. Customer information collection

You can contact or visit the website to find out information about services and may choose not to provide personal information.

When registering to use services of Vietnam Server, you must provide complete and accurate contact information as required by regulations to use the service.

When you access the websites of Vietnam Server management system, we can use some mechanism marked by browsers (cookies) to support the use of the facilities of the website. You can configure the browser to customize the turn of this mechanism.

When you visit the website of Vietnam Server management system, we can store information about your browser, operating system and network address information (IP) client for statistical or control purposes.

4. Customer data collection

Vietnam Server does not collect customer data under any circumstances. Customer data needs to be provides proactively by customers.

5. Storage of customer information

When accessing the websites in Vietnam Server management system or providing contact information at the request of Vietnam Server, you fully accept that the contact information is stored in the Vietnam Server server’s system.

The contact information of the customer will be stored until the customer stops using the services of Vietnam Server.

6. Storage of customer data

Vietnam Server does not backup or store customer data unless it is necessary to provide customer service and be confirned by customers.

Customer data is stored until the customers stop using services or customer request delete / destroy data proactively.

7. Use of customer information

Vietnam Server uses the collected or proactively provided information by customers for 2 purposes. The fist is to do statistics on the number of visitors to the website and the level of interest to our services. The second is to manage credentials client accounts (if customers have registered accounts with Vietnam Server) and some customer cares including:

Handle orders and provide domain name registration services, website hosting and other services.

Receive and respond to questions, comments, request for assistance, suggestions or complaints related to the provision of services.

Provide information about promotions, price lists, sales policy and customer service.
Vietnam Server commits not to advertise these services which are not directly provided by Vietnam Server or spamming or other purposes.

Vietnam Server commits to stop sending promotional messages and advertising if you refuse receiving advertisement via Client account register.

Vietnam Server commits not to provide contact information of the customer to third parties, except in the cases notified to the client as follows:

The provision is needed to ensure service users (for example, registration information with VNNIC domain owner).

The supply is done at the request in writing by the executive units in Vietnam.

8. Access and edit customer data

Vietnam Server commits to access or modify data only when the customer’s consent is confirmed by the customer and only to perform the service as required by the customer.

Vietnam Server will not use customer data or provide access to customer data to third parties for any purpose whatsoever.

Vietnam Server commits to the handover or delete all the data of the client when the client has requested.

9. Safety protection of customer information and customer data

Vietnam Server is committed to using secure method to protect information and data of customers including:

  • Any communication of data across the Internet we encrypt with digital certificates (SSL).
  • Protect the servers storing information and customer data in a decentralized multi-layer access authentication.
  • Authenticated access or edit customer information with other measures in cases not directly accessible through the Internet.
  • Vietnam Server will not be liable if the incident occurred related to safety of customer information or customer data arising from causes not within the control of Vietnam Server.

10. The system of Vietnam Server website

System of Vietnam Server websites includes the sites using the domain name or subdomain secure.Vietnam Vietnam and live.Vietnam These websites can use Vietnam Server to include hyperlinks to other web pages aimed at introducing or including additional information. We are not responsible for the content and privacy policies of these sites.

11. Policy changes

To fit in time for the needs of Vietnam Server and feedback from customers (if any), we may change the terms of the content of the customer information privacy policy without prior notice.

Vietnam Server will attempt to notify customers via email if significant adjustments likely affect the benefits of the client.

When we update the contents of this policy, we will edit the time in the part “latest update” on website.